University of Alicante (UA)

The University of Alicante (UA) is one of Spain’s youngest universities, and one of the most innovative and fastest developing in the country. Over 30’000 national and 3’000 international students are enrolled in seven faculties offering more than fifty degrees in all fields of study.

Through its Department of Innovation and Didactic Training, the UA has an efficient system of innovation support measures in place, including units such as Research Promotion and the Technology Transfer Office, the International Project Management Office & the Innovation unit. UA approaches Social Innovation through academic initiatives (as knowledge content in various courses), as well as through Social Entrepreneurship via the UA:Emprende programme run by the GIPE (Alicante’s Career Service).

Internationally, UA has a strong experience collaborating with other universities around the world in the field of Social Innovation through EU-funded projects, including in the Balkans (WBCInno), in the Caribbean (IPICA), Northern Africa (NORIA), Latin America (LASIN) and Southeast Asia (SEASIN).

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Cristina Beans

Cristina Beans

Senior Project Manager at International Project Management Office (OGPI)